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The Stock Market is Risky! CD Rates Are Pathetically Low!

Sophisticated investors are looking for alternatives to paltry CD rates  and the high level of risk involved in stock market investing today.   People have lost tremendous amounts of money in the stock market, and  fixed interest investments are not yielding enough for most people to  live on, much less grow their wealth. 

There IS an Alternative! Consider Private Mortgage Lending!

A growing number of investors are discovering the benefits of becoming  private mortgage lenders. With the right program, private lending can  help you to build wealth quicker, providing higher yields than most  fixed investments and doing so in ways that offer a level of security  not available in most variable investment alternatives. 

You Could Start Earning 6-10% Secured by Real Estate.

When you put money into the bank, banks lend that money to others,  making a profit on the "spread" in the rate they pay you and the rate they charge borrowers. Private lenders can also make a return by lending  investment dollars toward the purchase of property by others.  

The Benefits of Private Mortgage Lending

*Excellent collateral (a mortgage and promissory note secured by real estate)

*Strong rate of return (2-5 times CD rates)  

*Control over where and for how long your money is invested 

*Potential tax deferral or tax free growth through self-directed IRA plans 

*You don't need a lot of money to invest 

*No broker commissions charged to invest your funds

*Funds are handled by an established local attorney and title company  

Sample Annual Returns: The difference is staggering!

Compare a 3% return, such as from a long term CD, with potential returns of 6% or 10%. 

A $100,000 investment yields $3,000 at 3%, compared to $6,000 at 6% and $10,000 at 10%! 

A $20,000 investment yields a mere $600 at 3%, compared to $1,200 at 6% and $2,000 at 10%!   

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This is not an offer to sell securities. Securities may only be offered by state exemption or registration statement. 

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